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Andrea Tsang Jackson of Third Story Workshop

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date June 2018


Andrea talks to us about her inspiration behind her diamond pattern, about her Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a song about quilting, and her work as an artist-in-resident at the Canadian Museum of Immigration, where she conducted a community quilt project that won an award at Quilt Con!



Andrea Tsang Jackson is an artist, designer and quilter based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Quilting is the medium through which she can explore her interests in geometry, material and place. Her purposeful approach to her work imbues meaning in every aspect of each project that she puts forth. Andrea’s background in architecture has allowed her to understand the design process from a variety of approaches. As an educator, she wants to inspire others to reach their own creative potential and to see themselves as designers of their own lives. Although her favourite colours to wear and design with are neutral, she loves to play with colour in her studio.






New to quilting.  2 years.



Etsy shop

Here and Elsewhere


Creating small

In our own words quilts

Full-time quilt entrepreneur

Etsy Award winner

Paper piecing

Canadian Museum of Immigration, Halifax, CA



Gemstone pattern  inspired Kurt Pio

  Other gemstone pattern makers

    - No Hats in the House

    - MJ Kinman

    - Two Cats Quilts

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