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Marianne Fons

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date March  2018


Famous quilter Marianne Fons (and mother of Mary) joins us.    She talks about a notice for a quilting class during the bicentennial, where Liz Porter was also in the class.  "There was no rotary cuter."  There were six sessions in this first class.  







“At Home with Marianne Fons,” event in September 2018

Quilting before Bicentennial

Love of Quilting 

- With Liz

- With Mary

Quilter's Complete Guide (1993)

Quilts of Valor - serve on the National Board

2018 Live Renuion with Liz Porter

Creating Fons and Porter

Selling Fons and Porter


How she began quilting

Started Television

Started magazine; 1/2 million.  Circulation began to rise

Sold business in 2006

Writing a Novel


International Quilts Study Center

Building an empire


Raising Kids

Non-binary kids

Working with your kid

Teaching on TV/Teaching on the Internet

Your blog

You literary agent for your novel

Iowa Quilt Museum

Fons and Porter

Quilting as a young or old activity?

Hannah Fons TedX Talk:  "Neither he, nor she but me"

The mutual admiration society

Iowa Quilt Museum






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