Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo joined the team at the very beginning, in the Summer of 2017, as a rising 2L law student.  He's been there for researching salvage licenses, giveaways, and so much more.  He traveled and presented at QuiltCon and "Threads of Success" at Quilt Market.  He's manned the booths at Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival.  Now, he's all grown up. He's moved from the research side at Tulane to the Quilting Army Krewe, LLC.

Ricardo is our Editor-in-Chief of our Just Wanna...Legal DIY series, and is the author of Just Wanna Patent (available for digital download and a paper copy).  He is also our National Sales Director for both books and our Grace Longarm dealership.  Finally, he is working with Elizabeth to create our IP and Entrepreneurship Center, which will open in Spring 2021.  

If you don't know Ricardo yet,  he is awesome, patient,  wickedly smart, and kind.  Did I say he was patient?  Seriously.  If you are interested in someone speaking at your guild, or if you are wanting to purchase a longarm, Ricardo is the one.  Please respect his time.  He's got law stuff to do, besides working with us.  He's just that cool.

Sid Gard and the Eyeridium Artist Collective

Sid serves as our Creative Director, which includes graphic design for our products, events, and social media.  Sid also designs our booths and oversees the logistics.  Sid works with other local artists, through her organization, Eyeridium Artist Collective, to assist us with our creative needs.  

Skyler Yetta has also joined our team and is working as a Creative Editor on our current Craft and IP books.

And finally, Seannessy Rain has joined us as our TikTok and Social Media Director, and we are excited to have her on board as well.

Thank to the Eyeridium Artist Collective for lending their hand in our great adventure.

Core Team

None of this would be possible without our Quilting Army core team. Mostly local in New Orleans, I have almost daily conversations and help from brilliant quilters, who also have additional superpowers.

Edith Gross:  brilliant quilter, with a longarm business of her own. She is all entrepreneur, kindness, and vision.  She is Chief Strategist all the way.

Joel Sellers:  our financial mentor, and co-author on Just Wanna Longarm (forthcoming). She quilts like a maniac and can also keep you on the road to financial good health.  She heads our Longarm Training Program.


Affiliates work with us to get the message out about Quilting Army Krewe, and our books, events, Grace products, and more.  Affiliates receive a small flat fee from sales where their name r organization is mentioned.    Affiliates are also there to talk to you about specific products and help you with your purchase choices. 


The Quilting Army has been there from the beginning --  from the first trip to Quilt Market. And it has grown in-depth and breadth.  We have focused our energies on many things.  We've been on adventures, had babies born, done projects, and we comment on everything. 

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