My sewing machines and the hunt for a new addition

May 4, 2017

I've been getting ready for this project by looking into sewing machines.  After much searching and research, I think I've settled on a Juki 2010q.


I have two currently -- a Bernina my mom got me about in 2002, and a Brother that I bought for my daughter a few years ago when she got interested in sewing.  I've grown to love the Brother.  I'm not sure why.  The Bernina is a good machine, of course.  But my mom passed away a few years ago, and everytime I start to sew on it, it makes me really sad.


Both machines are great for piecing, but I hate quilting on them.  They are both so squishy.  So, I've started looking at alternatives.  


I wanted something that would be great at piecing, but also gives me space for quilting. I also didn't want to invest too much.  (The law school was buying the machine, and I was on a budget.)  So, I started to look at the options.  I found, through lots of looking on blogs, the Juki 2010.  I live in New Orleans.  I couldn't find a demo machine.  I did find the Brother PQ1500, which is a lot like the Juki, and so I tried that one.  It was really fun.  And people seem to love the Juki.  So, I did some more reading, and people really liked SewVacDirect.  I emailed them.  They were great.  And so, now, I'm awaiting approval from the law school to order the machine.  


So, here is a picture of the machine I dream of:  




 Why this machine?  You can add a table to make it turn and be kind of like a sit down long arm.   It goes wickedly fast.  It's under $1000.  And, it has a big throat area so that I could to quilt for real, and not just the minimum quilting I do at the moment.  


And quilters seemed to love this machine.  So, that's the plan.  We will see if the law school approves it.  If so, we will be off and running!








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