May 5, 2017

So, my first official writing will be on "Thangles and the Blank Forms Rule"


So, I had a package of Thangles I bought a while back.  And now, I can't wait to try them again, especially making little cats.   The Tulip block.



The Thangles are way to make half square triangles from strips.  The Tulip allows for making a variation -- cat heads.


 I love these rainbow cats!  I think I'm going to try to make my own version.  (Click here for the pattern from Thangles)


Stay tuned for more Thangle Cats.  


Copyright:  The beautiful quilt, above, of course, is protected by copyright for the life of the author plus seventy years.  It's the selection, arrangement and coordination of the elements.   What does copyright mean in terms of quilting?  The copyright holder is encouraging others to make this quilt -- with a pattern, with the Thangle tools, and by posting it online.  There is an implied and direct license to use the work. People are also purchasing the pattern, and therefore the copy of the pattern is now owned by someone else. (Not the copyright, of course). The question that often comes up - can you make a copy of the pattern, give the pattern away, display your own version of the quilt at a quilt show, sell versions of the pattern on Etsy?  These are great questions--for another day.


For now, thangles.  What are they?  What is their relationship to copyright? 



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