The Project

October 1, 2017

This is a research space for understanding and experiencing everything quilty, with the ultimate goal, connecting to intellectual property law, and in particular, copyright. 


Why copyright?  I'm a law professor specializing in copyright.

Why quilting? The quilting world is filled with copyright questions, customs, and uncertainties.

Why community? It's a lot more fun to make new friends and gather together colleagues to investigate and understand the role of law in the process of creativity and the vast world of quilting.


What we will be doing:

  1. Interviews.  We are creating a Research Podcast to record the stories of people who quilt.  On our team are a retired newspaper editor, an anthropologist, a social worker, teachers, an oral historian, and many more with experience interviewing people.  For my part, I find that the questions I have about the role of copyright come out in the everyday stories.  When I ask about copyright, I get very different answers than when I just listen and connect the copyright dots.

  2.  Copyright Research Projects.  As we gather stories and see copyright issues, my law student team at Tulane Law School will help us further explore legal issues, both doing traditional legal research but also going deep in empirical data, interviews, and industry custom.

  3. Quilting Immersion. As part of the project, my goal is to immerse myself into quilting -- in every way possible, from piecing to free-motion quilting, taking field trips, starting a quilt guild, and experiencing all of the gadgets and tools that make up quilting today.  I think by doing this, I will have a better understanding of the complexities of the quilting world.  And it's fun too!


The Approach

This is a research blog.  The podcast will also be raw research materials.  The goal is to report the research in real-time, including drafts of articles and eventually book chapters.  In terms of deliverables, I hope this blog becomes a space for sharing stories, questions, results, and projects.


What if you have copyright questions now?  Feel free to email!  We can't give you one-on-one advice b/c we are not your attorney.  But we can discuss in general terms the question(s) you have.  Sometimes the answer is easy.  We'll make a blog post and share the answer.  Sometimes the questions mean a lot of research and pondering.  We'll let you know when its that way too!

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