The night before Quilt Market

October 27, 2017

It's 10:23 at night.  My roommate, Pam Weeks and I are ready for bed.  We walked around the convention center and saw the in process installations, talked about all kinds of interesting things, and strolled back to the hotel.  Pam is a curator at the New England Quilt Museum, a fabric designer, and an author.  I feel super lucky to have time to chat with her.  


I feel like I've tried to prepare for tomorrow.  Goals?  Absorb the experience.  Learn more about the industry.  See beautiful quilts.  Find potential guests for the podcast.  And just take in the moment of all things quilty.  


And of course, the World Series is also in town starting tomorrow!  How crazy is that!  Not happy about that at all.... so, we will see.  Lots and lots of people tomorrow. 

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