End of Official Day 1: Quilt Market

October 28, 2017

We were at the Quilt Market (Pam and I) all day, beginning at 8 am and ending at 9 pm.  (I took a break for a couple of hours).  We experienced Schoolhouse, which is 15-30 minute "sales" pitches on new items.  We got some samples of fabric too.  It was fun.  Then, in the evening, we participated in Sample Spree -- which is discounted below wholesale prices -- all kinds of things.  I got some rulers and cool fabric.  Pam got some wool and thread.  It was crazy, overwhelming, and fun.  I'll post some video of the experience soon.


So, tomorrow we get to go on the showroom floor.  We are able to go in the Press Room, which is awesome.  (There are snacks, so you know I like it).  Pam and I interviewed a couple of people, including a quilter with a YouTube channel for Spanish-speaking quilters, where she has 33,000 followers.  She's been doing her show for about a year.


At Sample Spree, I also found people who are willing to be interviewed.  Oh!  And Elizabeth Bolles (a former student) delivered the business cards!  (I had them mailed to her house in Houston).  They really made a difference!  So, we will have a round two... with new names.  Heather agreed to be part of our quilting army, and we are hoping to pick up a few more tomorrow.  


So, very very very tired.  But it feels like we are moving ahead in the project.  I've got people to interview tomorrow.  And making more contacts.  


So, hopefully we will launch the podcast in November!  We should get to our goal of 15-20 interviews ready to go, and then we can do more too.  


More reporting (and pictures) tomorrow.

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