The 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

December 2, 2017



CHERYL SLEBODA challenges people to do a "31 Day Blog Writing" every December.  This is her third year.  We met her while we were at Quilt Market/Festival.  She is amazing.  We talked with her a couple of times.  She is a social media influencer in the quilt world.  (She taught a number of classes at Quilt Festival).  She is a quilt entrepreneur indeed.  She also has a company focused on cosplay too.   


So, we're taking up the challenge - for Just Wanna Quilt, and maybe for the Durationator too.  It seems really really hard.   It's Friday, December 1 at 8:45pm after a super long, fun and hard week.  But here we are -- writing this first post of 31.


So, a recap of where we are so far on Just Wanna Quilt.


- We've interviewed about 15 people.  We're still working on recording levels, etc.  This week we interviewed Flying Parrot Quilts, which felt like branching out from our regular interviews.  We have more scheduled.  We are trying to do about 25 more before we start to release them in January.


- We have gotten all of the elements in place -- how we record (through Zoom), the platform (Spreaker), the recording equipment (Zoom5 and Rode mics), the music (from PremiumBeat), the way we schedule interviews (Calendly), the way we keep organized (Hubspot), our Facebook Group (Just Wanna Quilt - although I messed up and made it a closed Tulane University group at first and then made it a different non-Tulane group), our website, and hmmm... and our YouTube channel (which is completely empty).  The university has been generous in supporting this work with grants from the Dean and my Jill H. and Avram A. Glazer Social Entrpreneurship professorship.  Maybe in a blog post this month (because there will be 31 of them) I'll break down the cost so far of what we've done.


I'm excited about the music and the opening.  And we have a lot of cool people scheduled to be interviewed in the next six weeks.  So, we are getting things rolling.  But its been a lot of work.


So, that's what we are doing.  Still a little nervous about actually posting the podcasts!


On our other project, the Durationator (about copyright), it's been a big week -- a story ran in Slate where we were featured for our assistance on a big Internet Archive project.  Harvard agreed to be our first subscriber to our subscription project.  Library of Congress agreed to embed our students this summer on a new project focused on copyright and audiovisual works.  So, while not directly related, its still work being done at the Copyright Research Lab.  


We are also starting to think about projects for the Spring.  The "Just Wanna Quilt" will be part of the copyright course at Tulane Law School.  We will also have a project on "Cosplay and Comic-Cons", "Emerging Technologies", "Holocaust and WWII - Preservation and Coppyright," and a few more.  We'll be doing something on Orphan Works with Harvard.  I'm not sure yet what else.  But it should be fun and busy.  


Ok.  So, Just Wanna Quilt Day 1.  Not the best post.  But a post.  What were the rules again?  Can it be blah blah blah blah....sleep....blah blah blah...quilt.... post it.




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