Sampling Today: Quiltsmart

December 21, 2017

So, the best thing happened yesterday.  I was going into the office to pick up exams to grade, and in my mail box was a small packages from with samples!  Best grading day ever. (See the grading in the background.)


We've been asking for samples of products b/c I'm finding that it really helps with the interview to experience what the product or design is.  In this case, I had no idea what I was getting, and I'm having a great time.


So, no grading last night...that can wait....


Last night and today working on a sample sent from Quiltsmart Inc. So, what is included in the sample is an interface technique.  They sent three samples: a lone star, that looks like paper piece (I think?), the double wedding ring, and a purse. 


I'm working on the 20th-anniversary pattern for "Rings on the Double" - Double Wedding Ring. Last night everything went really fast. We will see if I can complete the top today.


It's got a lot of IP -- a common building block in quilting - the double wedding ring; consumables (the interface you buy again and again); branding (their the company that does this), and of course, the images and directions on the pattern.


So, I'm a bit impatient with any directions. Here there are 23 steps. We will see if I can follow the directions!


So far, I've sewn on the solid lines using 6 fat quarters that I had in the house. And I've cut on the dotted line. Now, I'm turning them.


I will keep you posted on my progress!


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