What I learned NOT blogging everyday

December 28, 2017

So I took the 31 Day blog challenge and failed.  I didn't blog everyday.  I didn't want to blog everyday.  I kind of dread blogging, even though I write for a living.  So, what happened?  I fell in love with Facebook.  


I posted everyday to Facebook.  I also did a ton of interviews.  I worked on the "Just Wanna Quilt" project everyday.  I quilted everyday.  I did a lot of work while avoiding blogging.


So, I'm now in a pickle.  Should I blog?  I always feel a bit shy when I blog.  I'm not sure why.  I haven't quite figured out what the blog is.  So, I'm going to keep thinking about it.  Not many people are reading it - so that's good, I guess.  But it is weird to write as if there is an audience when there is not.  And do I want an audience?  See, I'm in a crisis of blog faith at the moment. 


What I have figured out:


Interviews:  for learning

Facebook: for sharing what I'm learning, posting about things we should do, etc.   

Instagram:  no idea.  still learning where it fits within this project.

Blogging:  no idea.  not ready to explain copyright.  not sure exactly what this space is for.

Google Docs:  can be shared within the website.  So, when I begin writing the Quilting and Copyright book,  I can real-time draft.  So, that's something.

Website:  A place to keep it all together.  Post info on the podcast guests.  Post the Google Doc drafts.  Not sure yet about the blog.  We did have a forum, but that got confusing too so I dropped it.

Spreaker: where we will post the podcast, and then it will go out to iTunes, Stitcher, and other places.

YouTube:  Not sure yet.  I set up the channel.  I think we will post there.  But still not sure yet what.


So, that's my update on the failed blog attempt.  Cheryl, who runs the challenge, was really nice when I told her.  People always say you learn from failure.  I guess.  I'm not sure about that.  

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