Tips I'm learning about podcast

January 16, 2018

1.  Record video and audio and release the podcast on YouTube as well.  We haven't done this.  We are only audio right now.  But because we record in Zoom, we can fix that.  We have to let the guests know.  ITunes ranks podcasts with video higher.


Someone else said, "Go Audio".  


2.  Title of Episode with Keyword:  one person suggested one key word.  Ours will be quilt


3.  Review of Podcasts:  need to get reviews.   Need to have a giveaway for reviews on iTunes.  If people leave a review, they are entered into the contest.  (Hmmm... we need product!).  So we need to have contests to encourage reviews.  [Let's see if we can connect to industry to get product]


4.  New episodes spike downloads.


5.  Choosing a generic podcast name:  Just Wanna Quilt


6.  Link to iTunes rather than to your site.  So, that's interesting.  I was going to put a link to each episode on a person's page  Now, one article is suggesting to link to iTunes instead.  Should we embed Spreaker on the site, or move everyone to iTunes?


7.  After one hour on iTunes, then post to social media with iTunes link.


8. Meta keywords:  different from title keywords


9. Publishing days - one didn't think it mattered.


10.  Publish often.  


11.  Add how to subscribe to the show to the end of the podcast.  (This means we have to go back and re-record the ending and upload everything again!)


12. 8 weeks of New and Noteworthy.

 -- every day

-- get sponsors for coupons

-- put out daily newsletter to others

-- do giveaway for reviews

-- send links to interviewees and ask to post on their website/blog.  give them the copy and link.

-- see if can get a few more famous people to stop by

-- start doing video with podcast (maybe one video each week)


13.  Use CommentCast (download)


14.  Giveaway for podcasters who join email list or for listeners who follow you on facebook


15.  10 episdoes at time of launch


16.  Include segments.  We haven't done this.  Listener Questions.  Recommended products or resources.  Interviews of industry experts.  Book reviews, listener feedback on past shows.  news.


17.  Publishing schedule


18.  Keep episodes under an hour


19. set up pretty links


20. 5-10 high value articles to publish on your website right at the beginning of your show's debut.   [That's what we need to do]


21. Request to be on other podcasts 2 weeks before your launch.


22. Read negative reviews on the comeptition.


23.  Use a generic name:  just wanna quilt!


24. Delete half your episodes - the ones that don't work and re-record.


25. Release two episodes on the same day.   (So maybe two episodes a day for the 8 week time frame) Is that too much?


26.  List your podcast in multiple categories


27. Launch on mutiple platforms.   

 - Facebook Live

 - YouTube

 - iTunes

 - Spreaker

 - Stitcher


28.  Advertisements



Industry standard per episode:

Pre-roll add: 15 second spot "This podcast is sponsored by..." $18 per 1000 CPMs (listeners)

Mid-roll:  more free-form around 60 seconds long.  $25 per 1000 CPMs (listeners)


Same company at pre-roll and mid-roll:  $18 pre-roll + $25 mid-roll per 1000 downloads of your podcast. 


Example:  24,000 downloads per episode - $1978 per episode. Two episodes per week - $15,824.


Limit it to two advertisements per episode.


See Fire Nation:

Podcast Sponsorship  CPM v. CPA

Cost per million (CPM))

Cost per acquisition (cost to aquire 1 customer)


CPM:  She sends a proposal, and they can accept, reject or negotiate.


CPA:  Set up a partnership with Audible (her example).  For everytime someone signed up, she got $15.  


Two sponsors per episode max.  One pre-roll, one mid-roll.


29.  Don't procrastinate.  Just start.


30.  Don't obsess over the stats.


31.  Don't wait for listeners to find you.   Publish 10 episdoes.  Post on social media.  Blog about every episode.  Tell people to get it out.  Look at the status for the first 10 episodes.  Make a social media plan for the first 10 episodes.


32.  Don't stop making episodes!


33.  Have fun!


34.  List in podcast directories:


  • iPodderX

  • Podnova


  • PodBean

  • Podcast Directory


  • Podcast Alley

  • Podcast Pickle

  • Learn Out Loud

35.  Apps: submit XML feed



  Pocket Cast

  Tunein Radio

  Double Twist


36.  Create email list


37.  Interview through Leaders


38.  Set up a Twitter Account and Facebook page for your podcast.  Spend time on social media everyday simply hanging out with your fans.


39. Enlist the press.    Craft a press releases.  


- Interviewing famous guest

- first episode

- milestones and anniversaries

- contest and promotions

- disagreement between you and your listeners

- epsidoes relevant to local area


i-Newswire will distribute your press release for free!


40.  Make your podcast sticky:









41.  Be Real.


42.  Be consistent


43.  Always listen to  response


44. Have strong CTA:  


- Send them to your website

- send them to email

- As them a question

-  Encourage to leave comment or share their experience


45.  How to get your listeners:  measure average 6 weeks out.


46.  One suggested daily show.


47.  Should you take sponsors?  It dilutes your podcast.   For her $500 was her baseline.  FireNation  


48.  Getting listening numbers up.  That's key to sponsors.


49.  Attend a conference to build name and audience.


50.  Daily show:  banks 6 episodes in one day.  






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