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The Quilting Army

What is the Quilting Army?  People willing to play!  This project is about community.  So what does this volunteer army do?  Go to quilt shows, strategize on the project, try samples of research supplies, start conversations on the Facebook group, keep a lookout of interesting issues arising in the quilting world, particularly related to intellectual property, and go on field trips to experience quilty things.


Want to join our Quilting Army?  Join our Facebook group, Just Wanna Quilt

Quilting Army Krewe, LLC

This is our new administrative arm.  It allows us to do all kinds of things like order t-shirts, have a bank account, and open a shop.  We're still the same project.  We now just have a means of experience and exploring entrepreneurial activities.  All of these activities are done outside of Tulane University.  The work is supported by a Lepage Faculty Fellow at the A.B. Freeman School of Business, Tulane University.

Quilting Army Generals
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