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Introduction and UFOs

UFO Pile
A sampling of my UFOs

Hello! My name is Mary Ann Hutchinson, the creative mind behind Mary's Art Hutch, LLC and a member of the Quilting Army. I consider myself a quilter since 1996, though I've been sewing much longer. I had a few gaps in my sewing life due to a pesky "day job" that was required to pay the bills. I retired in 2013 to care for my aging parents. I now live in Missouri and spend the lion's share of my time with family or quilting. In February of 2019, I purchased a long arm machine. A decision that sent my quilting to a whole new universe.

One of the things having a long arm machine did for me was give me a chance to start tackling some of my many (many) UFOs. We're not talking science fiction here. UFO in the quilting community is the acronym for Unfinished Object. It can be any type of sewing project. When a project becomes a UFO is a bit of a personal determination. For me, it is the time when all activity on the project ceases for one reason or another.

Project Boxes
Project Boxes - More UFOs

One of my goals for 2020 is to move my UFOs to FINISHED! This is your invitation to join my journey through the quilting universe as I launch those UFOs to the finish line. I plan to explore some of the questions I have about UFOs like: Why does a project become a UFO? What can be done to get them finished? Should they be finished? What skills am I missing?

Those are just a few of my questions. What are the questions surrounding your UFOs? Please post them in the comments and then join me on Fridays (it is the cable TV UFO programming day after all), starting in 2020 to follow my progress. I'd love to hear about your progress, too. So please, grab your UFOs and together let's get them done!

Happy Quilting!



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