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Just Wanna Trademark

296 days left of sabbatical. Today's topic: trademarks.

So, we talk a lot about copyright. So, naturally the first book we wrote was...about trademark.


Trademark affects every business -- every business, and yet, a lot of businesses, especially small ones and those just starting their business, don't know anything about trademarks, much less how to file their trademark application with the USPTO.

We looked around--we looked at all the self-help books and services offering to trademark your name. But they didn't really really teach you how to do it. And we're DIYers after all. We can do anything!

So, I wrote Just Wanna Trademark. Ricardo Gonzalez serves as our Editor-in-Chief. That's why they look so nice. And Sid's company, Eyeridium does our graphics.

How this book works:

It takes you step-by-step through the process of choosing/checking your name, getting ready to fill out the only application (including the research about your name to make sure it is ok), and even what happens after you receive your trademark certificate.

Buy the Book!

I'll feel better. You will be starting on your journey of protecting the brand you've been working hard to build. It's sooooooo important. Really. It's your source identifier. You don't want someone else swiping it do you, or worse, usinig it as a hashtag????

And all proceeds go to help the project. We are paying 25% of the proceeds to Ricardo, for editing, and 10% goes to Sid's new Gen Z art collective for the art work. The rest is going to build the company, Quilting Army Krewe, LLC.

So Where do you buy it, you ask?

We're using Big Cartel as a platform. We choose this one because it had a good reputation, and it was the only platform that has a flat fee ($9.99 is the plan we are on) and does not take a percentage of the sales. Shopify, Payhip, and Square all take around 2.8-5% in fees, plus the credit card fees. That seemed like a lot. So, we're with Big Cartel. We will see how it goes!

So, here's the link to our store.

The cost? $50 (with the $25 off coupon, JWQ25). Think of it as an investment, a one-time fee to learn to protect your company's name or logo. And at the same time support Just Wanna Quilt.

Are there other costs in trademarking your work?

Yes. It will cost about $225 for the application fee to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Do I need to hire a lawyer?

Nope! It's not required. The book walks you through the steps to filing. You can hire a lawyer! And if you read this book, you will be prepared to have meaningful conversations, quickly -- likely lowering your legal fees.

So, we believe in the Just Wanna Trademark book. We hope that everyone gets the message to register your mark -- you name at least, and your logo if it is important to you. We hope this book helps to get the message out.


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