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Our machines - Day 3

(This is a stock photo: can anyone identify the machine?)

Interestingly, we had less people posting about machines. I'm not sure why. Maybe too personal? To braggy? We're not that kind of people? I don't know. I thought I would share today some thoughts.

Sewing machines. The hum is my favorite part of sewing. When you put the fabric threw and bits of thread attach. I think it is soothing.

I sew on two Jukis. I had not tried them but went off a YouTube video I saw. I felt like I trusted this stranger. And it worked out. We live in interesting times.

I also have a Grace Q'nique 15R and SR2 frame for longarming. We're starting to vend these. I'll blog about that shortly.

We also have two Brothers, one from Costco, and one from the Quilt Festival. And I have a Bernina that my mom got me, a computerized Bernina from around 2002 because my grandmother's machine that I had finally wore out.

Quilters love their sewing machines. We buy economical ones, expensive ones, and ones that do just one thing or many. We have a lot of people in our group that quilt on Janomes. And I was able to sew on a fancy Bernina this summer, which was really fun. I am also teaching a 2nd grader on a Singer that her dad bought.

I think like many things -- we use all brands, we buy across brands. We are loyal. We are picky. We are not picky.

Machines are personal. And maybe that's why there were not as much discussion.

But some did post!

Kathy Bruckman's post

And Kathy Joyce Fullmer posts, "I’ve had this for maybe 10-15 yrs- a surprise gift from my hubby. It’s my primary machine. Good for piecing & straight line quilting but I can’t seem to do free motion quilting on it. I use a Jem Gold for classes and retreats. I also have a treadle I want to get running and various other Singers and Brothers- all pretty basic."

Would like to upgrade to a straight stitch Juki or Janome with a larger throat before we fully retire.


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