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Things We Like and Why

ETG:  I love my machine.  I got it for its large throttle.  I also can turn it so that it can act as a sit-down long arm.


I added the plexiglass table to make it big.


It's really fun to sew on.  It only does a straight stitch.  I got it in June.  But I think there is a new model out there.  I love love love this machine. 


When I was at Quilt Festival, I tried the sitdown fancy machine, and asked them what the difference was from the Juki 2010 -- it was a great machine, don't get me wrong.  Beautiful.  But the person said, "It does less."  Only FMQ. 


I use the walking foot a lot for quilting too. I turn it back to its proper way, and then its ready to go. 



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