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What is Just Wanna Quilt and who is the Quilting Army?

So, Just Wanna Quilt began as a simple research project at Tulane University in 2017.  Now, 5 years later and in our 4th season of the podcast, we are undefinable.

The Quilting Army, or QA? That's what we call ourselves, our Facebook group members, and our fans.  We are an army of quilters.

And the Quilting Army Krewe, LLC is our business arm.  We still do research at Tulane.


Season 4 Available

We have recorded Season 4, and are slowly rolling out the interviews.  We are so excited with our lineup of guests! Stay tuned!

Sara of EQ8

Tara Miller

Marianne Fons

Mary Elizabeth Kinch

Cassandra Beaver

Pat Ashley

Barbara Garlock and Virginia Hodge (DC Quilters)

Lee of May Chappell

Ana Maria Horner

Meg Cox

Ivete Tecedor and Andrea Deal, Gotham Quilts

Eric the Quilter

Laura Piland

Luana Rubin

Sue Penn

Teresa Duryea Wong

Chawne Kimber

Andi Barney

And a few other suprises too...


Copyright and Quilting Paper

The paper is drafted.  "Creativity in the Shadow of the CASE Act: the story of Quilts and Copyright"

Here is a link to the draft.


Grace Longarm Deals

We sell Grace Longarms!  This supports the project.  We are a little bit quirky.  We work with you on what you want, and once you purchase a system with us, we still work with you!  It's so much fun.  

Email us for pricing the and latest deals!

etg2 studio.jpg

Adventures and Projects

We are on adventure in the Fall 2021!  We are headed to Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska and Wisconsin.   We are also working on new books and projects including Just Wanna Medallion and Just Wanna Zoo, our new Craft and IP series.  We are also finishing up  a new book on Social Media in the Workplace.  


Watch us on TikTok!

We've start a Tiktok account -- JustWannaQuilt -- and we are loving it!  Come play with us and see what we are up to. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 5.06.54 PM.png

Some Cool Things We've done

  • Been Featured in QuiltFolk Magazine, Louisiana Issue, 2018

  • Recorded over 400 episodes of Just Wanna Quilt, with over 25,000 subscribers

  • Had booths at both Houston's International Quilt Festival and Quilt Market

  • Elizabeth, Ricardo, Ron and Allison have taught at Quilt Market, Threads of Success and QuiltCon, among other places including guilds.

  • We've run an Gypsy Wife sew along and an Inventory Quilt Project (See our Facebook pages)

  • We had 80 sign up for Copyright Camp in July 2020! 

  • We have our first cohort of Quilting Army Krewe Copyright Experts in training right now.

  • We've published Just Wanna TrademarkJust Wanna Patent, Just Wanna Create: Copyright and Fair Use StrategiesA Little Bit of Copyright for Quilters, Social Media for the Workplace, IP: Doctrine and Practice, and are working on more titles soon.

  • Our book Just Wanna Trademark has helped countless quilting and crafts entrepreneurs register their own trademarks at the USPTO!  (We are so proud!). We have personally trademarked (or are in the process) for Just Wanna Quilt, Quilting Army Krewe, Just Wanna (for our book series), and our logo.

  • Our sponsors for the research side of our project have included Jaftex, AccuQuilt, Warm Company, Stencil Company, Havel's, Turtle Hand Batik, Quiltsmart, June Tailor, and many more.

  • Elizabeth was a brand ambassador for Michael Miller (that was fun!)

  • The Facebook group -- which supports the research by engaging in conversations about life, quilting,a nd copyright, now has over 3800 members (small but some standards, but by ours, we so love the Quilting Army and the thoughtful conversation).

  • We have visited New England Quilt Msueum, National Quilt Museum, Museum of Design Atlatna, the Art Institute of Chicago, warehouses of Jaftex, offices of Quilts, Inc., New Orleans Museum of Art, and many more.

  • Elizabeth has written a series of six articles for Quiltmaker Magazine on quilting and copyright, featureing her own quilts and those of the Quilting Army.

  • We are loving TikTok!

Listen to The Podcast

We done over 400 interviews over the last four years.  Jump in anywhere!  You can also view them on any podcast platform, including iTunes.  

We've interviewed quilters, lawyers, industry leaders, quilt shops, inventors, and famous designers and quilters.  We've interviewed people that received quilts.  We did a 65-episode series on homemade masks.  

The interviews are recorded for research and we share them with the public.  There is little editing. We also tend to post in spurts, as I finish with the research.  These are not promoting products but trying to understand the craft, community and consumerism of quilting. We also discuss copyright and other IP issues towards the end of each episode too.

Some photos from our adventures

Interested in legal issues in using social media?
We have a new law book!

Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 5.09.51 PM.png

Social media is now part of the workplace -- whatever kind of workplace that is -- crafters, K-12, manufacturing, corporations, consulting firms, everything.

This book takes you through many of the legal issues arising from website creation to hiring to NLRB and Section 7 to influencers. 

A must have for any business.

Events for Week of October 11, 2021

  • Draft of "Creativity in the Shadow of the CASE Act: the story of Quilts and Copyright" available here

  • Stopping off at the Iowa Quilt Museum on Monday (message on Facebook if you want to join us)

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Law, talk on Quilting and Copyright (noon, Tuesday) For more information, email Dr. Townsend Gard 

  • Guest appearance of Joel Sellers and Elizabeth Townsend Gard on AccuQuilt Wednesday at noon central (on Facebook)

  • Research at the International Quilt Museum on Wednesday and Thursday

  • Catching up with the Quilting Army along the way!  Iowa and Nebraska here we come!

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