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Welcome to Just Wanna Quilt

We have a new book out, and we are working on others!  We also have a podcast and a Facebook group.  We are all about understanding the role of law in creativity, having fun, and so munch more.

Just Wanna Trademark for Makers

By Sidne K. Gard and 
Elizabeth Townsend Gard
C&T Publishing

This hands-on DIY legal resource helps the creative entrepreneur through the steps of registering their trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, making accessible one of the cornerstones of starting a business.  

This is an expanded and more detailed version of our original book, and includes many helpful tips.

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Just Wanna Quilt Podcast


We done over 400 interviews over the last four years.  Jump in anywhere!  The interviews are recorded for research into quilting, crafts, and related legal issues that arise, and we share them with the public.  There is little editing. We also tend to post in spurts, as I finish with the research.  We also have a lot of fun and talk about all kinds of things. Learn more here

Some photos from our adventures

Interested in legal issues in using social media?
We have a new law book!

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Social media is now part of the workplace -- whatever kind of workplace that is -- crafters, K-12, manufacturing, corporations, consulting firms, everything.

This book takes you through many of the legal issues arising from website creation to hiring to NLRB and Section 7 to influencers. 

A must have for any business.

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