Season 4 of the Just Wanna Quilt Podcast starts Feb 6, 2021

Can you believe it will be our third birthday?  And we start our 4th season of the podcast?  

We started the podcast in February 2018.  We have now over 300 episodes, including a special series of COVID-19.  We have over 25,000 subscribers, with over 600,000 downloads.  We have 3600 members of our Facebook group.  We've published seven books.  We've taught at Quilt Market and QuiltCon.  We've had booth both at Quilt Festival and Quilt Market. We've been featured in Quiltfolk Magazine and Elizabeth has been regularly writing for Quiltmaker Magazine. 

We have met so many awesome people.  We've embarked on many projects, and some of them are even finished!  And so, happy birthday, Just Wanna Quilt!  Three candles and one to grow on, right?

What is Just Wanna Quilt? 

This began as a research project: the intersection of copyright and quilting: a podcast and a Facebook group.  In three years it has grown to  Legal DIY books, quilting projects, selling Grace longarms, and a community.   We have made masks, gone on adventures, and pondered all kinds of questions.  Welcome.  Join us.  We call ourselves the Quilting Army.  We are a hybrid.  Research at Tulane and our new Quilting Army Krewe, LLC for our entrepreneurial activities. Our really important rule: kindness.  


$60 (use coupon QA2021 for 50% off)

What is Copyright Camp?

Learn over 5 weeks all kind of things:

what is protectable and what is not

fair use for artists

how long copyright lasts

how to protect your work

and a little bit about trademarks too

+ you get a 350 page book

Discussion sessions



and Quizzes if you really want 

Just Wanna Bookshop 

We open virtually!

Come see what we've published and what we're working on!

New Podcast Episodes Coming Soon

Legal DIY Resources


Just Wanna Longarm?

Us too!

We are officially a

Grace Company vendor! 

Feel free to contact us. ​ 

And visit Just Wanna Longarm for lots of info

We have a team that loves to longarm, and we are all working on different combinations of Grace systems. 

  • 3 types of frames (Hoop, Q-Zone Queen, and Continuum)

  • 3 machines (15, 19, or 21) (or you can use your own domestic sewing machine).

  • Quilter's Creative Touch automation

  • A ton of accessories

Here's how we work.  Email us to begin. 

We set up a time to chat about what you need. We make a package just for you. Prices and special deals change every month.  And we're about community.  Join our special FB group, Quilting Army Longarmers.  You are not alone in this new journey.

Three questions to think about:

  • size of your space

  • budget (we don't do financing at the moment)

  • automation too?

Proceeds support the Quilting Army Krewe, LLC, and the Just Wanna Quilt project, including our law students. We also have an affiliate program, so that when you recommend someone you get a flat rate commission.  Email for more info.

Research Sponsors of Just Wanna Quilt podcast and research project

This work could not be done without our generous research sponsors.  Materials are donated to other Copyright Research Lab @ Tulane University Law School.


Research supplies were donated to the Copyright Research Lab for research purposes only, and are discussed on the podcast for purposes of understanding the product, the underlying intellectual property, and the world of quilting and quilt entrepreneurialism.   

Just Wanna Quilt was featured in Quiltfolk Magazine in 2018

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Just Wanna Quilt is ranked

Number 3 PIck for craft podcast on itunes

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