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The Quilting Army

What do we do?  We love to quilt.  The quilting army gathers on our FB group, We talk about quilting, experience different aspects of the industry, go on field trips, and have fun.

There's also the research part.  That's fun too. The Quilting Army keeps a look out for interesting issues arising in the quilting industry, and especially related to intellectual property and entrepreneurship.

Join Our Quilting Army! 

Activities:  ​​

  • Help us grow the podcast!

  • Facebook Group discussions

  • Spread the word!  Listen on iTunes!

  • Field Trips and adventures 

  • Quilt Projects (to experience various things) 

  • And of course...research! We are learning about the quilting world. There are also research tasks -- areas that will help further understanding the research projects.  So many areas that are interesting, so little time!  And all of this relates to (for me) copyright, and intellectual property, in general. 

  • Help in various ways

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