The Project

So, here is my idea. 

  • Get better at quilting by trying all kinds of techniques, styles, and tools, and document that journey. Try to quilt a little bit every night and share early thoughts either in the Facebook group, a working draft or a blog. (I've quilted from start to finish now two years in about 40 quilts). 

  • Gather together a community of quilters to explore what quilting means to them, and what role law, particularly copyright law plays within the quilting ecosystem.  Interview them. Invite them into the project. (Two years in, we have 3200 Quilting Army members, and we generally gather on Facebook and in person).

  • Create a Podcast. That talks about quilting, community, and copyright. (We've had over 300 guests now, including famous people like Alex Anderson, Mary Fons and Tula pink, regular quilters, pattern designers, industry, and non-quilters that are fun too.  And we're generally in the top 10 quilt podcasts, and sometimes even top 5).  

  • Write articles, books, and social media posts about Quilting and Copyright -- for quilters, for academics, and for the industry.  (We have books available at

  • Create a Facebook Group, Just Wanna Quilt, to explore topics and a forum that allows our growing community to share and discuss anything quilt-based. (We're 2500 strong, and we have sub-groups like the Stealth Sewing Squad, which are our quieter quilters that like a small group and sew things -- I send things to them; the Just Wanna Quilt-Gypsy Wife Sew Along (run by Gigi Baay and now has almost 500 people and growing everyday, our our newest Just Wanna Quilt-Inventory Quilt Sew Along, where we are using our stash to try new techniques and use up the things we bought.)

The Podcast

Quilting Stories First, Copyright Second

  • Interview all kinds of people who "just wanna quilt" or have quilting stories to tell -- across the country, in every area of the quilting world, to better understand the quilting ecosystem. (We did that and still do - over 300 and counting).  

  • Fieldtrips related to quilting, of course  (We've been to Houston Festival (and had a booth in 2018), Houston Market three times (with a booth in 2019), Paducah, QuiltCon (teaching), and local shows.  We want to start traveling to guilds and other shows to teach).

  • Clues gathered directly or indirectly about the role of law, and in particular, copyright (but also trademarks, patents, trade secrets and right of publicity).  (We're doing this.  The Just Wanna Create book address this, but so do the Just Wanna Series, including Patents, Trademarks, Branding, and Contracts.)

  • Something fun to listen to while we're all sewing and quilting!  (I hope y'all like it.  We now have 21,000 subscribers! We plan to have special series in 2020, on quilt history, long arming, and entrepreneurship.)

The Quilting Army

Community, New Friends, Common Interests, Conversations, Adventure

  • Create community through conversations, activities, and a Facebook group where anyone can post and comment.  The more, the better. (My favorite part)

  • Research:  look into topics, combining the knowledge of our quilting army with our law students' legal research skills. (That's happened now for five semesters in both law and communication classes.  Awesome.  They've been guests on the podcast, and more to come).

  • Experience everything. (Totally)

  • If there is interest, monthly online meetings, and projects! (We haven't done something monthly.  We could.)

  • And eventually, a clubhouse.  (We're working on it.  We now have three spaces to play.  We'll see what happens next).​

2019-2021 Goals of the Project

Starting in 2019, we are focusing on a number of entrepreneurial projects that both teach and experience entrepreneurialism.  We are also interested in quilt history and narratives.  

  • Quilting Army Krewe, LLC:  This is our administration arm of the project.  

    • Develop Bookshop and Other Goodies

    • Development of Grace dealership​

  • IP and Entrepreneurship:  Resource Development

  • Copyright Camp (Summer 2020)

  • Law Review article

Covid-19: We added masks and interviews about masks, along with the Homemade Mask (Virtual) Summit.