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The Quilting Army Krewe, LLC

So, the experiment continues.  We've started an LLC to experience various entrepreneurial activities.  Just Wanna Quilt (the podcast and research project) remains at the law school.   

The Quilting Army Krewe is the entrepreneurial support arm for the project.

We had gotten to a weird place with Just Wanna Quilt.  We needed a bank account.  Really.  We didn't have one, and we couldn't do this within the university. And we wanted to start doing all kinds of things.  So, we worked with the university, and they came up with this idea.  We'd start an LLC to support the activities of the project, and we could still house the basic project at the university.  Complicated?  A bit.  But it will give us some new places to explore.

What is an LLC?

This is one kind of business.  It means that we have registered with the state and we can get a bank account.  It is a flexible corporate form.  We can do a bunch of things -- And we will use the LLC to learn about creating businesses.  We'll post all our progress as we go.  (And the law students, of course, will be involved as always).  We had considered being an L3C, non-profit, and a benefit corporation.  We'll explain more why we choose an LLC.

What will we do?

We will be working on revenue-generating projects, support projects for the Just Wanna Quilt podcast, and experimental social media projects.  We will begin our micro-branding project for Just Wanna Quilt with the Quilting Army Krewe, for instance.  We also have had people suggest many ideas, and this will give us a platform to try various business ideas.

What is a Krewe?

In New Orleans (where the project is based), we have parade Krewes that are social clubs too.  We have always thought of the Quilting Army as Krewe.  And of course, Corrie Dutton (now graduated) loved that we could shorten it to QAK.

The research continues at Tulane.  The Quilting Army now has an experimental entrepreneurial arm.

Who runs QAK?

Elizabeth Townsend Gard is the owner of Quilting Army Krewe, LLC.

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