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Meet the Team
Our Team is mighty.  This has never been a lone project. 
Elizabeth Townsend Gard heads the Just Wanna Quilt project, and our Quilting Army Krewe, LLC.  She is joined by Willow Olson, who serves as Chief Pattern Officer, and who is the co-author of the upcoming Creative Spark course, Just Wanna Reverse Engineer: Museums, Medallion Quilts, and Copyright.  Sidne K. Gard joins us as our Creative Director, and is co-author of Just Wanna Trademark for Makers. 
Go to our Just Wanna Quilt Facebook group to see the Quilting Army in ac

Quilting Army Contributors. 
Joel Sellers is amazing -- up for adventure, making samples, strategizing, and heading up our Just Wanna Longarm project.  
Judy Walker is amazing -- this project started in part both in cataloging her stash (over many days) to see what kind of licenses were included to our first International Quilt Market, where she and Elizabeth walked the aisles together, Judy teaching Elizabeth her journalist-style friendly way o
f interacting.  The project would be very different without Judy.
Edith Gross is amazing and the best imaginor I know.  We spend most nights thinking about the next steps in this project.  She has been to all of our booths and shows, and has made beautiful quilts, including our Just Wanna Quilt quilt.  She is a award-winning quilter and also a rancher!
Gigi Baay is amazing.  She ran our first sew along, and made videos for us.  But that was just a small bit.  She is a cheerleader and a honey (literally) maker.  We love Gigi.
Beth Strand is amazing
And the countless but not nameless or faceless other Quilting Army members who have been insanely amazing throughout our first five years.  Soooo many!

Law Students.  This project began as situated with law students working as both research assistants and whole classes participating in the latest adventure of the project, from getting the podcast up and running to organizing the Homemade Mask Summit in 2020.  Let's see what 2023 brings us next!  A special shout out to: 
Corrie Dutton: Corrie was everything -- organizing, fun, made a quilt with Gigi.  She was our first generation law student on this project.  Corrie was up for adventure, and she was always one step ahead of what we needed, including Just Wanna Quilt merch.  Corrie is now an attorney in Florida.
Ricardo Gonzalez:  Ricardo was part of this first team as well.  He was our first Editor-in-Chief, and he was up for adventure, including selling longarms, writing books, filming videos, and being willing to put up with a lot of Quilting Army members.  Ricardo is now working for a patent firm in Texas.
Whitney Chatmon:  Whitney innocently asked to help with mask making during Spring break 2020, and stayed on to not only co-host the 60+ mask interviews, but run and Emcee the Tulane Homemade Mask Summit. She also ran around New Orleans, delivering fabric and masks to everyone under the sun, and volunteered to help a grocery store in the 9th ward, not just with masks, but I think painting too?   Whitney is now an attorney in Philadelphia.
Blaze D'Amico: Blaze is new to our team, and boy is she organized with lots of plans.  Can't wait for y'all to get to know her.  Welcome!


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