A little Bit of Copyright Just For Fun

Just Wanna Quilt is in part a study in copyright.  Yes, really.  Who we are.  Why we create.  What role our laws play in that creation.  

When I started this project, I believed that I would have to think about copyright -- just a few parts of the law - like fair use, public domain, owner's rights.  But it turns out that all of copyright law is implicated in the world of quilting, as is patents, trademarks, property rights, right of publicity, trade secrets, and even tax, estate, and zoning!  Quilting is everything.  It suddenly became a much bigger project and a bit overwhelming.  My law students and I have been writing.  I've been researching.  We've been diving in.  We've been trying to be creative.  But then, in working on a related project, I realized, let's just start from the beginning.  Let's do a Walkthrough of Copyright.

What is a walkthrough?

Kids play video games.  Sometimes they get stuck.  You can go on YouTube or even buy a book that helps you though the game -- walks you through the steps.  So, I thought.  Let's do that with copyright.  And how should we structure this walk through?  Well, let's follow the Copyright Act.  Let's stop along the way.  Skip ahead if we need to.  But let's do this right.  We'll ponder.  We'll explain.  We will disagree.  We will laugh.  We will scream.  (Lots of screaming.  Copyright law is complicated and irritating at times).  


I'm still working on that.  For the last year, we've been interviewing people and posting them as part of the podcast.  I imagine that I'll start there.  Short episodes on the walkthrough.  We are also still writing the book(s).  And working on a project that applies all of this stuff.  We might do a blog (I hate blogs).   We'll post on social media.  And it will be interactive.    We'll probably do a newsletter.  We'll figure it out.  We will also post everything here.  So, come back to the website when you need to and see how we are doing.  I think it will take about a year.  We'll plan it out and see.   

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