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Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December  2018

Statement (from her website):

Hand stitching isn’t fast work. It’s a quiet skill that feels tenuous, nearly lost when placed in a contemporary context; it slips away like childhood, like domesticity, like safety beneath the weight of something handmade. I sew because I don’t know what it is to not sew, despite the connotation of “minor art” or “women’s work.” It’s this expectation of what the hand-sewn form is — protective, warm, decorative — so much like the definition of the domestic role, which compels me to heave against it. I take the traditional, beautiful handwork I was taught as a girl, then later as a professional seamstress and couch it within the painful, uncomfortable or frightening. My intent is to create thoughtful, arresting work, reliant on layers of narrative within the pieces themselves and within the history each viewer brings.This is time-based work, using old skills. An act of cutting apart, then piecing oneself back together."







Lives in Anchorage, Alaska

literal, physical and emotional labor of women

social disregard and erasure of women's handwork

hand stitching

Role of your blog

Photography on your blog

Read her statement

Keeping organized in your studio

How many projects to do work on

How long do they take?​

Judy Martin: "time is a material"

Inheritance Project and use of abandoned quilts

Girl Story Series

Vein Series

Public Art Commissions

Screenshot 2018-12-22 12.00.57.png
Screenshot 2018-12-22 12.01.01.png
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