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Amy Milne - Quilt Alliance

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date January 2018



Amy Milne is the Executive Director of Quilt Alliance.  We met at Quilt Festival in Houston, and I'm thrilled that she is willing to be interviewed.


Quilt Alliance is committed to capturing the oral history stories of quilts and quilters with the motto: Document, Preserve, Share.  Obviously, I am very excited to chat with Amy.


They also had the coolest game at Quilt Festival..  You had to identify the block and if you got it (mine was pinwheel), you got to spin the roulette wheel, and then you got a prize.  I got a charm pack.  It was awesome!  





Quilt Alliance history

Being an executive director of a non-rpofit

How big is Quilt Alliance

"Go tell it at the Quilt Show"

Quilters' Save Our Stories

Collecting Quilts

Women's March and Pussyhats

National Quilting Day

Quilt Alliance Contests

Take the Labeling Pledge

Quilt Story Road Show

Quilters Take Manhattan

The Quilt Index

Membership and Sponsors

Role of your Board

Ardis James QSOS Scholars Program



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