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Amy Newbold - Sewtopia

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date January 2018


Go Sewtopia was here in NOLA just after Quilt Market/Festival in November 2017.  I stopped by for a few minutes and found table after table of sewing machines and fabric.  The 80+ crowd was at lunch.

Set up with Juki sewing machines, 4 to a table.  There was also a small shop, with lots of the coolest fabric lines, and a place to get "Sewtopia" swag.  As I was going to the elevator to catch up with the organizers, I ran into Elizabeth Hartmann.  I had met her at Quilt Market, and so it was strange to see her now in my home city.  She was there participating in Sewtopia.  I talked with about 10-15 of the participants as they sewed.  Many were repeat customers -- 4th one, 5th one.  I was definitely curious.  We're interviewing the creator of Go Sewtopia, Amy Newbold.  I have lots of questions.


According to her biography, she is known to the online sewing community as "Sukie." Here is her website: 

Some of the snapshots ETG took at Sewtopia NOLA:





Modern Quilt Guild

What is Sewtopia

How do you pick the cities?

What is a Michael Miller Fabrics Challenge?  Why Michael Miller?

How do you pick what is in the shop?

Who are you appealing to?

Why was Elizabeth Hartmann there?

Do the sewing machines change every time?  Juki? Bernina?

How do you choose the fabric shop to partner with?

How do you choose the fabric line your feature?  Relationship there?

Economics of Go Sewtopia

Quilting Tourism

Charity Blocks for Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild

What goes into creating the retreat?

Why repeaters?


How did it start?

What is

  Salt Lake City Modern Quilt Guild

  4x5 Modern Quilt Bee

  Hello Kitty Quilt along

  Vintage Quilt Revival


  Shop (no products)

  Sews on Juki 2010

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