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Amy Bradley-

Purple Pineapple Studio

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December 2017


I first learned of Amy Bradley and Purple Pineapple Studio at a Schoolhouse session at Quilt Market.  These are short sessions where companies introduce their new merchandise--fabric, pattern, and tools--to shop owners and other buyers.  It's a madhouse and great fun.  


Purple Pineapple Studio was in one of the larger classrooms with a full audience.  They were giving away a large postcard with a pattern on it:  "I'Beams".   I was deeply curious.  I had seen other postcard patterns before, and so I was now realizing that postcard patterns are a thing.


We are chatting with Amy about all things quilty. Here are three of her postcard designs that are my favorite.   








Her quilting life

Designing restraints when it goes on a postcard

Her audience

Distribution and manufacturing

Selling retail online v. wholesale

Being a quilt entrepreneur


Working with building blocks and beginning patterns

Schoolhouse and Quilt Market

Madison Modern Quilt Guild

Process of designing

Quilt Market, Sample Spree and Schoolhouse

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