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Angie Wilson of Gnome Angel

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date July 2018


We had nearly a two hour interview talking about all kinds of things -- business, patterns, sew-alongs.  It was awesome.  She was calling from Australia.  The distance didn't seem to stop us.  She was amazing.

Go to her website.  She's got a great autobiography with a video.





Fussy Cutters Club



Sponsors and prizes

Keeping it all together

Revenue streams

Gypsy Wife 

10 years as the Gnome Angel

Austailian quilting

C&T Publishing

Gnome Angel newsletter

Quilt Market 2017

Affiliate links and sponsorship

Office hours

1920s Farmer's Wife and Paper Pieces; machine piecing?

Sewvivor (smelling the fabric is my favorite part)



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