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 Bob Ruggiero​ - Quilts, Inc.

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date November 2018


Bob  Ruggiero is the Director of Publications & Public Information for Quilts, Inc., the company that puts on the massive industry show, Quilt Market twice a year, and also Quilt Festival, twice as year as well.  The big event is in Houston, and Bob allowed us to come as Media.  It was life-changing.  All of the industry gathers in one place for a week, and then 50,000 people from all over come to shop, dabble, and admire for Quilt Festival.  It was through this contact that we were able to start to connect to the quilt industry and individuals that love to quilt.  This first season of interviews is based a great deal on the connections made at Quilt Market and Quilt Festival.   Once back home, Bob and I set down and chatted about Quilt Festival and Market.


Next Quilt, Inc shows:

Quilt Market in Portland

Quilt Festival in Chicago


Just Wanna Quilt will be in Chicago, with Quilting Army members Julia Driscoll and Maureen Collins.



Evolution of the Quilt Market

Quilt Festival

Piece Corps

Exhibitions at the Quilt Market/Festival


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