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Brian Frye, law professor, University of Kentucky College of Law

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date February 2018


Brian is a law professor and a film director.  He talks to us about the differences between an art film and a commercial documentary and helps us think through copyright and other issues.  How is something unique different than something made for commercial purposes?


Interested in what Brian does?  I asked Brian for links:


Stills & more from Our Nixon are on the website:

You can also see the whole collection of Super-8 films on the KY Amateur Film Archives YouTube channel:


There's lots of good info about RBMC out there. I recommend this very recent set of articles:


As for my own films, many of them (all the scans I have) are on my youtube & vimeo pages:


And of course, all of his papers are on SSRN:





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