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Cely Pedescleaux

New Orleans, LA

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date October 2017



When I first interviewed Cely and I asked her why she quilted, she replied, "Why do I breathe?"



Cely is famous in New Orleans for her quilts.  She is a regular at Jazz Fest, where she displays her quilts.  She also has been commissioned to create quilts for companies like Coca-Cola.  She teaches quilting.  She is the heart of the Beecher Church Quilt Guild.  


Cely is pure creativity -- every quilt is she makes is an expression of that creativity.  She has probably over a hundred quilts that she created.  


She has welcomed us into her home on a number of occasions, and she has agreed to be part of the  Quilting Army.  Her philosophy of not getting too stressed about points meeting is liberating.  She is lovely.  


We've taken a lot of photographs of Cely's works.  We'll be sharing more soon.





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