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Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date March  2018


Chawne's work is out of this world.  I can't wait to chat with her -- about her art quilts, her NSFW (not suitable for work quilts), her life as a teacher, both of quilts and as a college math professor.  She is extraordinary.  Here are some of the quilts we talked about.  But be sure that you go to her website, where she has so much more, including a blog.










Quilting life

Your academic/math life

When the Cotton is High exhibit, January 9-Feb 27, 2018

Word quilts: different techniques


Give a F*CK project (exercise your potty-mouths in textiles)

Get Woke, 2017

The One for Eric G, 2015

Bobby Dole Sings the Blues

Bobby does the Twist

Raspberry Barn, 2015

How many quilts do you make a year?

Steal this Quilt, 2014

Elegy for Mik, 2014

In Wedowee, 2014

Boys don't make passes (2nd version) 2014

Self studies

The Quilt that Flicker Built, 2012

Word quilts: stop, oreo, bitch, princess

 When I go backwards on your site - more traditional.  How did you become an art quilter?

NSFW Quilts as political commentary, self-expression, self-reflection on identity, and challenging censorship.  (NSFW = "Not suitable for work")

I love "scroll at your own peril"

Work with English Ph.D.  student, Steven Ambrose and "Life as a picnic"

Quilts as exploring identity

The N-Word quilt




Strategies for creating Word Quilts

Use of felt? in the words  

Handwork versus machine

How many projects do you have going?

Creating quilts - is it different when you are creating ones for a show?  Or is all your work amazing?

Being profiled in magazines - Quilting Arts (November 2017)

William Carlos William Poem

Podcast interview at WJRH (student-run radio station): "The House that Chawne Quilt"

"Stop the War" Quilt (and reproducing it)

Your denim Hexie project

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