Christa Watson at Christa Quilts

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date June 2018

Famous quilter and designer Christa Watson has been a good friend to the project.  She has come on the show a number of times.  






Designing Quilts


Pursuing business and quilting

- developing and growing

- quilting business customs & IP

Christa's upcoming projects

Just Wanna Quilt: An Immersive Research Project of Copyright

Podcast and Research Lab

Tulane University Law School

New Orleans, LA 70118

JWQ Shop and Long Army

Quilting Army Krewe, LLC

New Orleans, LA 70125

(504) 339-3857

Quilting Army Krewe, LLC

Owner, Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Editor-in-Chief, Just Wanna Series, Ricardo Gonzalez

Inventory Quilt Project, Willow Olson

Long Army, Joel Sellers

Project Director, Gigi Baay