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Section Ten Blocks

THE LAST SECTION! And it's all blocks we've already done!

Square in a Square  4”  page 22

Square in a Square with Courthouse Steps  6”  page 24

Square in a Square with Courthouse Steps 7.5” page 24

Pinwheel square in a square with border  6”  page 23

(starts with a 2.5” pinwheel)

Puss in the Corner Bordered  7.5”  page 13

Square in a Square (4)  3.5”  page 22

Square in a Square  4.5”  page 22

Pinwheel  3.5”  page 19

Resources and Tips

Below is a list of resources and tips gathered from the quilting army and many hours of reading what others have done on the internet and what has worked for past quilters.

Picking out a color plan is difficult and some people like to plan what colors are going in where.  Thankfully, Pink Door Fabrics has a page that allows you to color and plan your fabric arrangement. You can find the page here and for the really organized there are helpful layout charts here.

Storage is important with this quilt as there are many pieces and if you decide to cut ahead it's going to be important to package and label them correctly.  

There are a ton of strips needed to assemble this quilt, therefore many quilters have decided to cut some of their strips when they have free time so at the end there won't be as many to do.  A great organizing cutting chart can be found here and another can be found on a google doc here

If there is a block that you just cannot get the hang of feel free to switch it out with an easier block of the same size using this site:

Check out these sites for info:

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