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The Quilting Army has spoken.
We are doing a sew-along.
And it's Jen Kingwell's Gypsy Wife.
Gigi Baay is our fearless leader.  
What is a quilt-along? 
We all purchase the pattern.  (We respect the copyright of the author.  Because, you know, we're all about copyright).
You can get a copy at Amazon.
 Then, Gigi made a schedule.  The Gypsy Wife has a lot of parts.  It helps to have encouragement, others sewing too, and helpful tips.  Gigi is planning to even make some video tutorials. 
How long does it last? Can I join now?
It began July 1, 2018, and we are finishing in January 2019.  But we are leaving all of the Sections and videos up.  So, join in when you can.  Join our Gypsy Wife FB group, and we have helpful videos on the YouTube Channel

Gigi's Gyspy Wife Sew-Along

Ilse de Koker Gypsy Wife.jpg

Pieced by Ilse de Koker 

Karen Jong Brewin.jpg

Pieced by Karen Jong Brewin

Darlene Mullins.jpg

Pieced by Darlene Mullins

Bj Murray.jpg

Pieced by Bj Murray

Who is Gigi?
Gigi Baay is a core member of our Quilting Army.  She owned her own sewing/teaching business and she has been sewing all of her life.  She also is amazingly encouraging and positive. She is our beloved Drill Sergeant.    For more information, email us here.
For Groups and Guilds beginning...
Interested in Gigi helping your group or visiting your guild? She is for hire, depending on her schedule!  We also have newsletters that accompany each section. We have deleted the dates we used.  Now you can use them for your own group and guild. Feel free to use them.  Just make sure to credit "Just Wanna Quilt".  
Choosing Your Color Palette
The joy of the Gypsy Wife is that it can be anything -- scrappy, specific, anything.  (Look at Pinterest or do a Google search for "Gypsy Wife Quilt" and you will find loads of images).  

There is a coloring sheet available from Chelsea and the team at Pink Door Fabrics.  It is not necessary to do this but it may help in color placement especially if you’re doing a scrappy quilt. Find it here

Paper Piecing
Some parts of the quilt can be paper pieced, which is really fun.  It's like paint-by-number but for quilting.  If you don't feel like you get that perfect look, paper piecing (also called foundation piecing) might be something to try.   
Two places to find paper piecing versions of Crazy Anne, Nurses Cross, and Old Maid blocks.  Quiet Play by Kristy made free foundation templates  (with approval from Jen Kingwell) and you can find them here.

Another paper piecing block is the Pershing block. Here is a link from Julie Hirt at 627 handworks.

If you find others out there, or you want to make your own foundation/paper piecing patterns, let Gigi know.

Filler Blocks

This project has 56 filler blocks.  What is a filler block?   A filler block is a square in a square or a pinwheel smaller block used to fill in and accent the strips. Best way to describe it. Gigi has built in time for this activity. A post by Ali of Needle Down may help with placement of filler blocks. l 

Other Resources

There are tons of resources on the Internet.  We'll be posting more soon.  This initial introduction was aided by the GnomeAngel’s website at from 2017.

More About the Gypsy Wife Quilt

Here's video with Jen Kingwell.  She's the designer.  (Now on our wishlist for the podcast).

Jen talks about how to choose scrappy quilt colors.​

Jen talks about shopping for fabrics for a scrappy quilt.

Joanne Verona.jpg

Pieced by Joanne Verona

Quilted by Megan Lundgren

Check Out the Schedule Here
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