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Jensen Paul Helmers

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December 2018

As part of Dr. Ron Gard's New Media and Internet Studies in the Communication Department at Tulane, students engaged in specific topics that we, at Just Wanna Quilt, wanted to know more.

Jensen looked into form building and digital data gathering resources.  This is important when you are building a business and a following.  We are experimenting with this at Just Wanna Quilt.  We've been gathering email in a variety of ways.  We've heard from many that your email list is the key -- that it is the property right a business has (rather than your FB group.  Interesting, right?)






Google forms

Physical data gathering


  Enhancing the Customer Experience

  Data Collecting

  Boost Company's Online presence and following

I like your ending music.  (play it)

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