Copyright Camp

Begins July 1


We’ll be working through Just Wanna Create: Copyright and  Fair Use Strategies.  This will take us about a month.   You can also work at your own pace.  Join the FB group: JWQ-Copyright Camp.  


Want a certificate of completion? For each section of the book, there will either be a quiz or a homework assignment, and to obtain the certificate, you also have to complete a final project of your choosing.  You turn in the final project by mail.  It becomes part of our Trunk show on how to explain copyright.  




Wednesday, July 1: 

Read Part 1 - Introduction.

(No Discussion group b/c 4th of July)


Wednesday, July 8: 

Read  Part 2 - Create Your Work

Saturday, July 11: 

Discussion Group (optional) 10 am central  


Wednesday, July 15:

Read Part 3: Protecting Your Work

Saturday, July 18:

Discussion Group (optional) 10 am central

Wednesday, July 22:

Read Part 4: An Approach to Fair Use for Artists

Saturday, July 25:

Discussion Group (optional) 10 am central


Wednesday, July 29: 

Read Part 6 (we are skipping part 5):

A Copyright Quilt

Saturday, August 1: 

Discussion Group (optional) 10 am central


Final Project for Certificate of Completion:  Make a quilt or piece of art.  Using the Just Wanna Quilt Notebook (provided in Part VI), document what you do.  Write a short 1-2 page paper to go along your quilt explaining the copyright aspects (list will be given) All turning in a final project will receive a Certificate in the mail, along with a special surprise present. Due:  September 1, 2020



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