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Dave Fagundes, law professor

University of Houston, TX

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December 2017



Dave is a colleague who teaches IP at the University of Houston.  His work is super interesting:  he looks at what is called "negative space."  We will be talking about his work and what we can learn to see if the idea that there are spaces that are protected by something other than traditional IP in the quilting industry.  He is also writing about "buying happiness" and the "moral psychology of copyright infringement."   He has also worked on roller derby and clowns.  Check out his article on clowns here.

Here's his author page on SSRN.








How we should think about IP

His other work on roller derby and clowns

Moral elements

Social Norms

"Buying Happiness"

Questions we should be asking quilters

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