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Dora Cary - Orange Dot Quilts

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December 2017



Dora Cary is a designer of quilts.  She has an Etsy store, and she was at Quilt Market in Houston.  Her quilts are AWESOME.   She sells her patterns on Etsy from around $10.00 each.  The directions seem really clear (although I haven't tried to make one yet!)


I wanted to interview her to understand:

  • Her design process

  • How she got her name and how she went about branding

  • The process of making a pattern

  • The process of distribution/sale of patterns

  • Her feelings about copyright (of course)

  • Her background (of course) (She's from Romania and now lives in California)

  • Being a quilt entrepreneur (of course)

  • Her social media strategy:  Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and her Website






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