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Edith Gross - Quillting Plus, LLC​

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date January 2018



Edith came to us by way of Lauren Anderson.  Before we could conduct the interview, I also then met Edith at the Gulf Coast Quilt Guild meeting in Baton Rouge!  So, I'm excited to sit down and chat with Edith.  She is a local long-armer and quilter.Her creativity and quilts are amazing, award-winning and beautiful.  She also volunteers for Quilt without Borders.


Elizabeth also took a fieldtrip out to her house to see her.  It was amazing.  She will be coming with us to Paducah and has joined our Quilting Army.


For more information about Edith and Quilting Plus, you can email her at .





Edith's Quilting Life

Long-Arm Business

Work for Hire and/or Commissioned Works​

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