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Eileen Emberger, quilter 

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date May 2018


Eileen joined our Quilting Army.

"I belong to a huge charity quilting group affiliated with a church here in Phoenix. We have a very large room for all the donations we receive when people pass away or go into assisted living. Recently we have received 3 very large donations and are running out of room. The last one was as large as a quilt shop. This had lead to discussions (among those of us that run the room) about amassing such large amounts of fabric and supplies. Our leader is very kind and never wants to say no. Families are overwhelmed with all of it while grieving the loss of the loved one. It is a cautionary tale to all quilters. And UFOs abound which are difficult for others to finish up. Bags and bags of scraps. Enough is enough."





Making flying Geese

Charity work in Phoenix





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