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Shelly Ast of Havel's Sewing

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date March  2018


Shelly Ast is from Havel's Sewing, a connection we made through Stephanie at Modern Sewciety.  Shelly is going to talk to us about all things sharp!  Scissors is what they specialize in.  She sent a research sample.  We are going to talk to her about the different kinds of scissors, the cutting board they sent and so much more?

Starting with Season 2, Havel's Sewing is now one of our Sponsors.  We are really excited about this.  They have sent a box of wonderfully sharp things to supply our Quilt Workshop.

Things they sent and we fell in love:







Hal and Elsa Schmithurst

The development of the company

Patents and other means of protection

What makes their scissors the "best"

Where they are carried

All about scissors

- double angles

- extra fine tip

- blunt tip

- dual shears

- serrated- different sizes

- "fabric scissors"

- Embroidery versus quilting versus applique scissors

The amazing ripper (that Lauren Anderson now has)

The cutting/board system (that Edith and Beecher now has)

Importance of social media

News and Events: where Havel has appeared

- (now closed)

The importance of being a sponsor

Quilt shows

Other ways they get their product out


New designs/old favorites

Jamie Fingal, Terry White, and Liz Kettle, and free e-books of quilt designs

Relationship with Hoffman?

Role of the Blog:  projects (strategy here; they are really cute projects)

Subscriber/mailing list

Direct sales v. shop sales

What to do when rotary cutter stops working -- and how long should a blad last?






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