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Hayley Foster Gray, quilter

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date March  2018


Hayley Foster Gray is part of our quilting army.  She joined our FB group after she found our podcast!  And she's posted about her fieldtrip to a quilt show, inspired us to rip out when a project and make it into something else when we don't like it, posted pics of her own work, and inspired us to maybe quilt small when we are frustrated with our big quilts.  I talked to Hayley about her print-making on fabric and other elements of her quilting life.


Here is her bio: 


"Hayley Gray is a quilter and designer/printer of fabrics based of our Summerville, South Carolina. She grew up in a large family in Maine learning to sew from her mother in a room they called "The Wool Room" and got into quilting in her teens. She is a working wife and mother, with three loud yet lovable children who share her enthusiasm for making art and the creative process. She is also passionate about relief printing and fabric design. She is active on social media and her work can be found @woolroomfabrics on Instragram."







Quilting life

Creating one's own fabric through silk-screen stamping


Quilt Enterpreneurship: should you?







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