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Jake Kleiner - Paper Pieces

Padukah, KY

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December 2017


So, we are excited to talk with Jake Kleiner of Paper Pieces.  He is also behind mini bolts and other entrepreneurial activities.


He will talk to us about having a large company (fabric, machines, etc.) and being a quilt entrepreneur.  His business is also located in Padukah, the center of much quilt activities.


We asked him about Paper Pieces, the Quilt Exchange and Mini Bolts:


- elements that are protectable

- the manufacturing process

- the sale/entrepreneurial process

- being in Padukah

- Quilt festival/market

- the economics of a large company

- importance of marketing

- the role of FabShop Hop and other promotional experiences

- What is the Quilt Exchange? Developing a marketplace for quilters - and the entrepreneurial experience of creating.


- the designers at Quiltworx (the relationship, what they do, how that works)

- the business of kits versus fabrics versus templates




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