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Janna Thomas, Blocloc

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date March  2018



I was at a quilt meeting, and everyone was raving about Blocloc.  I emailed, and Janna sent me a sample to try.  I LOVE them!  


Here's their story from their website:


"Bloc Loc has been created by husband and wife team, Paul and Janna. Paul, an Australian, was an aircraft maintenance engineer and Janna, an American, is the author of Courtship Quilts; Inspired by the Victorian Language of Flowers, published by Martingale & Co 2005 and a quilt designer.

Now based in Loveland Colorado, Bloc Loc manufactures, distributes and sells their own patent-pending products which are new and innovative, made of the highest quality materials by the old-fashioned standard of making products which are built tough enough to last from one generation to the next!


Because Bloc Loc is the manufacturer, distributors and retail sales – markups are low, and the savings are passed on to you, the customer.  When we get better deals on supply, those savings are passed on directly to you, the customer. For this reason, prices will fluctuate from time to time. Most of Bloc Loc’s products are available in many local quilt shops across the world."


Then, I went to another quilt event, with the Blocloc, and everyone everyone everyone wanted to know what I was doing -- and seemed interested.  


I'm anxious to chat and learn more about the Blocloc! 







What is Blocloc?

The vision

The relationship with USAUS brand

Working as husband/wife team

“Courtship Quilts: Inspired by the Victorian Language of Flowers” book

TIS Amazing!

Where do people begin? 

Being on the Quilt Show

Hang in a Round

Quilt Shows


Role of Video Tutorials

Which ones to buy?  All 4"?

Giveaway or coupon?

Intellectual Property

Flying Geese

More samples?  More conversations?

Sewing Straight

The Preparation:  starch soak - does it really make a difference?

Quilting for Fons and Porter magazine

Designing for Timeless Treasures Fabrics

Paul's role in the company


Motto: "We believe in quilter's bliss"







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