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Jeanette Floyd, quilter

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date January 2018


Jeanette is one of the new members of the Quilting Army and she volunteered to chat with us.  Welcome!!!!

Here's what she wrote to me in an email:

"I have been in crafts all of my life.  Have won multiple awards for my crochet and sewing at the county fair in in my area and even had my first art quilt shown at a first of its kind quilt convention over the past summer. I have created items in macrame, knitting, sewing and now quilting.  Just started quilting about 15 months ago and I am learning my way around this very large and massive industry.  I have more of an idea best practices to share as to how I have navigated this new adventure in order to educate myself and learn this craft. 


- I come from a point of view of not comparing myself to what is out there or I knew I would never create anything.

- Had to get over the fear and embrace that mistakes will be made.  That is what a good seam ripper is for.

- Figure out what makes you happy because this is a hobby and you want to be sure you like what you are doing.

- Research, and more research to learn what you like or do not, but not to the point of where you never create.

- Communicate if you can with those that you admire or want to learn from.  I have not had one person I have identified with not respond to my email or communication.  

- Find a mentor or three you trust and learn from them. Absorb as much as you can because they have years of experience to share.

- Always try to work in your creative area for 10-15 minutes a day even if it is just organizing your area for function.

- Join a guild, a group, facebook page of like minded people, a blog subscription or you-tube personality and listen to podcasts and interviews to help with your education and creativity.

I have learned that I lean more towards art quilts and am now venturing into if this can be something that I can sell my artwork, teach or possibly make patterns.  Big adventure, may feel a little daunting but I am enjoying the process.​"

Jeanette "goes looking for Jack," the seam ripper, when she makes mistakes.  She's so delightful.  




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 Her version of Scrappy Lady Quilt by Aisha Lumumba 

Jeanette Floyd's version of Scrappy Lady Quilt by Aisha Lumumba

Jeanette Floyd's version of a design by Sylvia Pippen

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