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Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date March  2018


Does she need an introduction?  Judy Walker, of our Quilting  Army, visited Hamilton, MO, where she was able to connect with Jenny Doan.  Thanks to her efforts, we are now interviewing Jenny!  Oh, what an exciting day.  And because Judy was a part of this interview from the start, and she is also a professional journalist (yes!), I asked her to sit in with us to chat!

Here is the story of Missouri Star, if you are not familar.  The story of Missouri Star






Screenshot 2018-07-30 07.57.00.png
Screenshot 2018-07-30 07.56.23.png
Screenshot 2018-07-30 07.59.22.png


Long-arm quilting market

YouTube Video Tutorials 

Growing the empire

State of the quilting industry

2008 - the last ten years

Right of Publicity

MODA precuts

Easy and quick patterns

7 kids in the family

Pivot and iterate

Jenny doesn't own the company

Sarah: customer experience intown.  Different fabric in different buildings

A new way of doing the quilting industry


Let people make quilts in a day

Experience success and have a good experience with the hobby

"I thought I was sewing.", Says Jenny Doan.  

How do you choose what fabric you are going to use in your video?  

Quilt Tourism

Where does a beginner start?

Process of recording the videos

How you decide on the projects

Starting a business.  Do people look to you?  Business products?

Why isn't there a national quilting store chain?

Selling online versus in person

Daily Deals

Intellectual property

- Right of Publicity

- Trademark

- Copyright

- Patents

- Trade secrets

Theme music and duck at the end

How important is history?


Missouri Star products.

Customers - how many are repeat?

They are influencers.  Do they use influencers?





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