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Jessica Silbey

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date March  2018


Jessica is a IP professor, and also has written a book the Eureka Myth.


She is also writing Just Photographers: how they are different.  Photographers in the digital space.  


And she is writing a book "Against Progress" - core concerns like dignity, distributive justice, privacy, etc.





Screenshot 2018-12-11 21.44.57.png


Interviews for the book and snowball sampling

transcribed and coded the data

myth of inventor hero

the process of the book 

Beginnings of creativity

hobby versus professional

role of IP in artists' work

role of IP lawyers

Distribution: 5 categories of sharing

how you chose who you interviewed


how did you put them all together?

the importance of space 


Patterns and rights statements






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