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Jill Repp - June Tailor, Inc.

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date January 2018



Jill works for June Tailor, a company that many probably know from their quilting notions, including their basting spray (at least that's how I knew them). They sell lots and lots of notions -- rulers, fusible batting, storage, rotary cutters, and more.  We talk to her about the business of notions.  Lots of questions.


According to their company website, the company was created in 1961, and now has over 300 products.  We have lots of questions, yes.

Rotary cutting history:

Cut N Press






The beginning of the company

Role of patents, trade secrets and trademarks

changes in the industyr over that period

where the products come from

"every changing needs" - how do they change


best selling -- see if they will send samples!

Missioon statement: "Consumers recognize June Tailor® for quality, innovation and economic value."

Manufacturing process

The economics of notions - how it works

We specialize in development and distribution of products that allow consumers to enhance the quality of their leisure time by creatively using specialized tools, materials and kits. 

CEO: Meri Yogers

Who is June Tailor?


Specific products:

Mix n Match templates (can we get samples? )

Quick Stick Quilting Temploates

Shape Cut (TM) Ruler

Quilt Basting Spray

Shape Cut Too

Cutting Mats - hard surface v. self-healing​

Quilt as you go

June Tailor Fabric Cutting Kiosk

Quilter’s Starch Savvy

Role of Social Media


What products have failed

What are the best selling quilters products and why


Basting spray:  can I iron after I use the spray?  Will the fabric burst into flame?




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