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Judel Niemeyer   - Quiltworxs

Interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Date December 2017


We are talking with Judel Niemeyer, Judy's daughter and Business Manager, at


- More about Judy Niemeyer

- why are there certified programs?  Why certified teachers? How does this happen?  Costs?  part of the business model?

- "teaching thew orld to paper piece"

- clubs

- it's a thing

- Tell me about the training center and the Quiltworx University

- fabric collections design (Judy and Judel Niemeyer)

- trunk show program 

- role of social media 

- copyright and trademark issues


There is so much to talk about -- the patterns, the business, the branding, the creative process, the "thing" that is a Judy Niemeyer pattern," and Judel's quilting life.








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